Volume Loss

Volume loss is a common sign of aging. As you age, your skin loses elasticity and collagen production slows down. This can cause a drooping or sagging appearance, as well as a loss of fullness in the cheeks, jawline, and lips. In addition to looking older, facial volume loss can also make you look tired, sad, or angry. Eating a healthy diet and avoiding excessive sun exposure can also help to slow the aging process and keep your skin looking its best.

When you’re looking to look more youthful and gain some confidence back with volume loss treatments, we can help you. At Sunshine Cosmetic Clinic and Medi Spa, we provide a broad range of volume loss treatments like Dermal Fillers, Tempsure etc., in the Kitchener Waterloo area. So book your free consultation now with us!

What is volume loss?

Volume loss in your face can happen due to several reasons and make your youthful face look dull and age prematurely. If you are someone who prefers to have a youthful-looking face with a certain amount of volume, experiencing volume loss can make you feel self–conscious.

What causes volume loss?

You might be experiencing facial volume loss for several reasons. Here are some of the common factors that can be attributed to volume loss:

  • Lost collagen
  • Shifting/losing face fat
  • Overexcersing
  • Weight loss
  • Extreme dieting
  • Sun exposure
  • Hormonal change
  • Facial bone or muscle decrease

Volume Loss treatments

While many people like having a skinny face, when there is volume loss, your face might look sickly than skinny. It makes your skin look dull, and because of slowed collagen production, you might look older than your age. The treatments for facial volume loss often include rejuvenating the affected areas by adding volume to make you look more youthful. Diet change can help you with your volume loss problem, but you might need some extra assistance too. Along with dietary changes, you can seek cosmetic procedures to help you with the problem.

At Sunshine Cosmetic Clinic and Medi Spa, we offer some of the best volume loss treatments in the Kitchener Waterloo (KW) area. We have some of the best state-of-the-art tools and equipment, as well as experienced professionals on our team. We are committed to providing safe and affordable volume loss treatments like:

Volume Loss is something that you cannot use a home remedy to correct it. So you should not feel bad about looking for help outside. You might be tired of hearing people say how dull and skinny your face looks, and if you think getting some outside assistance can give you some mental peace, you should get it. If you are looking for help with your volume loss treatments in the Kitchener Waterloo (KW) area, you can visit our Sunshine Cosmetic Clinic and Medi Spa. If you want to know more about our treatments and what would fit your requirements, you can book a free consultation with our expert dermatologist.

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