Valmont Luxury Facial

As a true anti-aging expert perpetuating the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics, Valmont offers astonishingly effective high-performance anti-aging treatments since 1985. By utilizing the finest, and in many cases rare ingredients and unspoiled natural resources from Switzerland, Valmont offers luxury, utmost anti-aging skincare products featuring visible and long-lasting efficacy.

Only a handful of the most elite spas and luxury boutique skincare retailers in Ontario are licensed to sell Valmont cosmetics and provide Valmont facials. We are honored to be one of them.
Our “Vitality of the Glaciers” luxury Valmont facial focuses on combating the impact of aging with exclusive treatment protocols. Often described as “a face lift without surgery”, this intensive age-defense treatment is designed to boost the rejuvenation of cellular metabolism. The skin recovers all its beauty thanks to the 100% pure and native collagen mask which will instantly re-plump tissues and fill wrinkles from the inside. One will instantly find firmness, elasticity and deep moisturizing benefits, resulting in a radiant complexion and fuller facial features.


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