What is Jet Peel?

An advancement contact-free, without needle transdermal imbuement innovation from Israel. Stream Peel is a non-obtrusive, multi-step skin mixture framework that conveys promptly noticeable outcomes without personal time or skin disturbance.

Stream Peel is noninvasive, easy, and a 100% characteristic treatment that significantly improves the surface, tone, and shade of your skin. Fly Peel sheds the skin by eliminating dead layers of cells through a saturating plane stream and oxygen mixture.

This will peel, oxygenate, hydrate, and miniature flow across the board meeting. Oxygen serums and arrangements infiltrate profound into the dermis without needles. Stream Peel is additionally compelling in treating skin break out, free skin, clogged pore expulsion, broadened pores, scars, skin staining, and various indications of maturing in addition to aids the regrowth of hair. A profound lymph waste back rub is remembered for every treatment.


"The Modern Day Facial"

The Solution to Reveal Healthy, Refreshed, Glowing Skin. The JetPeel is a non-obtrusive multi-step dermal imbuement framework that conveys quickly obvious outcomes without personal time or skin disturbance!

The JetPeel is ideal for all skin types, improves by and large skin wellbeing, and viably treats the accompanying:

  • Scarce differences and Wrinkles

  • Lopsided Skin Tones

  • Dry Skin

  • Dark Circles, Under eye sacks

  • Sun Damage

  • Free Skin

  • Extended Pores

  • Indications of maturing

  • Skin inflammation and Blackheads

  • Slick and Congested Pores

  • JetPeel Benefits:

    • Shining, brilliant Skin

    • Gives fixing and lifting on free skin

    • Hydrates

    • Improves flow

    • Sheds dead skin

    • Diminishes the presence of pores

    • Improves scarce differences and wrinkles

    • Under-eye "de-puffing" and Brightening


    What Are The Steps Involved in the JetPeel Treatment?

    1. Stream Lymphatic Drainage:

    A supersonic fly stream of saline and oxygen delicately eliminates common trash and sheds dead skin cells. It oxygenates the tissue and invigorates miniature flow. Different rubbing movements will be made on your skin with the fly stream moving poisons and trash towards the few lymph hubs inside the face and neck.

    What is Lymphatic Drainage?

    The motivation behind lymphatic seepage is to move liquid out of your tissues into lymph hubs where microbes, infections, and other unsafe microorganisms are obliterated.

    2. Stream Exfoliation:

    Glycolic corrosive with nutrients and aloe vera are imbued profound into the skin for a delicate however viable strip, without the common post-strip scaling. Layers of dead skin are cursorily taken out from the outside of the skin.

    3. Stream Infusion:

    Contingent upon your skin concern, explicit Bio-dynamic serums will be imbued with the fly stream profound into the dermal layer of the skin. (Serum models: Hyaluronic corrosive, Vitamin C, Vitamin A&E, Vitamin B5)

    JetPeel™ by TavTech is a FDA approved, non-invasive, no needle, skin therapy system that offers multiple treatment applications: Lymphatic Drainage, Massage, Exfoliation, 3-D Chemical Peel, Extraction, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Infusion of skin and scalp medications and nutrients containing anti-aging Plant Stem Cells, Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides, etc. JetPeel™ has received extensive media coverage world-wide and just recently won the prestigious European Health Spa Award as well as the US Aesthetic Everything Award for the most innovative spa technology.

    The patented and advanced JetPeel™ technology is unique in both the cosmetic and medical industries in that it combines compressed gases (air, medical O2 or CO2) with customizable treatment serums or medications to form a high-pressure aerosol stream of microdroplets. These droplets are then delivered 4.5 mm or 3/16″ deep into the dermis at a speed of 600 ft/sec, yet pleasantly gentle, without causing any injury to the epidermis. Thus, there is no downtime, skin irritation and other side effects as seen in other techniques from its competitors such as micro-needling and intradermal injection systems, while delivers the same results as it is clinically proven to go deep enough into the dermis, or even better results, thanks to its unique transdermal infusion technology that makes the distribution and delivery of medications and nutrients evenly over the whole face possible, which is impossible for its aforementioned competitors, and thus it is easier for the skin to absorb. As the pioneer of engineering the compressed air for the aesthetic equipment, there are many knock-offs/copies of JetPeel™ in the market. However, compared with other non-needle based techniques including its copies, JetPeel™ is the only technology that really reaches the dermis level and be highly effective of all its claimed treatment applications.

    JetPeel™ treats anti-aging, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Uneven Skin Tone, Active Acne, Oily and Congested Skin, Sun Damage, Large Pores, Signs of Aging, and delivers excellent results for PRP therapies such as Hair Restoration and Skin Regeneration as well as Fat Reduction, etc. We also use it to prep the skin prior to our laser treatments such as PicoSure to receive the optimal results, and reduce discomfort prior to our Ulthera treatments.

    Sunshine Kitchener Waterloo Cosmetic Clinic & Medi Spa is proudly the first and the only JetPeel authorized provider to date in Waterloo.

    Contact us now at 226-929-6609 for a free no-obligation consultation!


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