Dropping Brows

Who does not want to look youthful for as long as possible? But as we age, our skin loses elasticity, and gravity takes its toll. The result is that our eyebrows can drop, impacting our expressions and making us look older. A dropped brow can also cause hooding of the eyes, which further contributes to a tired appearance. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments that can help to lift and improve the appearance of drooping brows.

At Sunshine Cosmetic Clinic and Medi Spa, our clients in the Kitchener Waterloo (KW) area have received top-notch aesthetic care from us. Our treatment procedures, like botox, and ultherapy, can help to relax the muscles that cause drooping temporarily. The derma fillers can provide volume and life, making your face look more youthful. If you’re concerned about drooping brows, book a free consultation with us TODAY!

What are dropping brows?

Dropping eyebrows can make people look sad or angry, even when they are not. So, while dropping eyebrows might not cause any health issues, it might be some other health-related issues that your eyebrows are dropping.

What are the causes of dropping brows?

Various factors can contribute to dropping brows. Some of the common factors that play a significant role in dropping brows are:

  • Ptosis
  • Natural aging
  • Heredity
  • Sun exposure
  • Trauma
  • Facial nerve weakness
  • Cancer, etc.

Dropping brows treatment

Many people are self-conscious about their appearance, and one of the things they are most concerned about is the condition of their skin. One of the telltale signs of aging is drooping brows, which can give a person a tired or angry look. There are a number of different treatments that can help to lift drooping brows. Even though dropping eyebrows does affect your overall health, you can feel self-conscious about your looks, and it is valid to feel that way so. So, to ensure that you never have to feel conscious about your looks, you can get aesthetic treatment for your dropping brows.

Sunshine Cosmetic Clinic and Medi Spa is a leading cosmetic clinic in the Kitchener Waterloo (KW) area. We have been offering world-class aesthetic services to our clients for years. We utilize various modern tools and methods to lift your dropping brows. All our cosmetic procedures follow non-invasive methods, so you do not have to worry about it. Some of the top treatments that we recommended in our clinic are:

Let us help you get more confident by giving you a taut pair of eyebrows that everyone will be impressed with. Our clinic offers dropping brows treatments in the Kitchener Waterloo region, and we’re confident they’ll work for your needs because of our state-of-the-art methods and technology! In addition, our staff are incredibly professional and have years of experience treating dropping brows. With us, you can be assured of receiving the best services at a reasonable price. Call today to talk with our staff and book a FREE consultation with us!

Contact us at sunshinemedispa@gmail.com , 519-208-6669 or 226-929-6609.

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