What Is Acne Scars

Acne scars can be a real source of embarrassment and self-consciousness for a lot of people. While most acne scars fade over time, some are left with persistent physical reminders of it. There are many topical creams and home remedies available, but it does not work on everybody. If you are looking to make your skin clearer and gain some self-confidence back, we are at your service.

At Sunshine Cosmetic Clinic and Medi Spa, we have been helping clients in Kitchener Waterloo get rid of their stubborn acne scars. No matter how old your acne scars are, we believe we can help you. So, when you are seeking treatment for your acne scars in Kitchener Waterloo (KW), book a free consultation with us. 

What are Acne scars?

Acne scars are remnants of inflamed blemishes. These scars are the result of inflamed lesions that damages the dermis of your skin. While acne can be temporary, acne scars are permanent.

What causes acne scars?

When acne blemishes are small and they create a shallow scar, they will heal quickly. However, in some cases, the acne breakouts can get deeper into your skin. And when scarring occurs with deep breakouts, it often becomes permanent. There are two major types of acne scars:

  • Atrophic or depressed scars
  • Hypertrophic or keloid scars

Acne Scars Treatment

Even though acne scars are not harmful, it makes people self-conscious about their looks. Unlike acne breakouts that go away over time with proper diet and home remedies, acne scars are permanent. No matter how many home remedies you try, acne scars will not fade without the intervention of a professional. If you do not treat your acne scars on time, it will make your skin look dull and prematurely aged.

Sunshine Cosmetic Clinic and Medi Spa at Kitchener Waterloo (KW) provides a wide range of acne scar treatments. We leverage modern tools and technology to offer non-surgical, non-invasive acne scar treatments. With our treatments, many of our clients have seen a reduction in their acne scars. Our top acne scar treatments are:

Anyone can suffer from an acne outbreak, and around 40% of people might have permanent acne scars. However, it does not mean you have to accept your acne scars as it is when there are safe and non-invasive treatments available. So let our professionals at Kitchener Waterloo walk you through our procedures. Yuo can now book an appointment for a FREE consultation with our experts.

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